Welcome to the Wicked & Sweet Dolls studio!   Wicked and Sweet Dolls are heirloom art dolls and fantasy kits by artist, sculptor and baby fashion designer Tracy Cheyka.  The Wicked & Sweet Dolls studio is also home of Krypt Kitty Baby Couture.  Krypt Kitty is a newer venture and we will be adding items here as our schedule allows and slowly expanding the items offered under the Krypt Kitty label.  Many of the Wicked & Sweet Dolls like Tracy's zombies and Ghoulies that are adopted wear Krypt Kitty Baby Couture home as part of their main outfits. All are meticulously handcrafted, embellished and set home with some sass and Tracy's style.  All Wicked & Sweet Dolls and clothing are made of the finest materials available.  Thank you for supporting my dreams!!  xoxo



*** Dear Unicorn Kit Customers: The freight company updated me on the unicorn kits a couple of days ago, and said that they have reached the Los Angeles port.  They now have to travel to the port near my home so at the earliest they estimate that they will arrive here is the 12th-19th.  I will then start inspecting them and shipping them out immediately.  Thank you for baring with me on this lengthy process but I think they will be well worth the wait. xoxo


*** Dear Unicorn Kit Customers: My freight company sent me a tentative arrival date of October 29th, 2018 that the cargo ship will arrive at the Los Angeles port.  Then they will be on their way to me I would guesstimate within a short time after that.  Keep being informed here as this is where I post updates on my dolls and kits. Thank you.


*** Dear Unicorn Kit Customers: Today's update is the factory is taking all of the unicorns to the seaport to start their journey to the United States!  Yay!!  They are FINALLY headed our way!!  Please keep in mind this means that we are approx. 20-45 days of their arrival starting now...but when they get here the seaport is only a 3 hour drive away from me. I plan to start assembling boxes this week to get a head start on your packages. Thanks to all of my customers again for being so patient but this is why I have said many times that production can be so mindracking. Because they aren't coming until their coming! lol  Take care everyone, I will update again the moment I have them in hand. xx


*** Dear Unicorn Kit Customers: Today I received confirmation from the factory that the unicorn kits production and packaging is finally completed and will leave the factories facility to the sea port on 10/8/2018.  I will update again when they arrive here in the US.  Once here, I will need a day or two to inspect the quality of them, but then they will start shipping out to customers immediately after that. I've already finished everyone's shipping labels, so I am ready to rock 'n' roll here.  


*** Dear Unicorn Kit Customers: LEGEND and LORE kits are expected to arrive: October-November 2018.  This is an approximate arrival time as the factory has notified the studio that they are running behind in packaging the unicorns because extra care must be given because of the horns. So they changed the shipping date to the 1st week in October and extra time will be needed as they are being shipped by sea. When kits are in they will be announced here and also on the Wicked & Sweet Dolls ~ Main Group page.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. 


***Legend and Lore Unicorn Kit Pre-orders are now closed as of (6-8-18) Those that pre-ordered, as a reminder down payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and by preordering, you understand that you will forfeit your pre-order down payment should you choose or not be able to pay your invoice total plus shipping and handling by September 7th, 2018. Also, Should you cancel a preorder or reserve kit you will be refunded less the amount of the preorder amount.