Welcome to the current home of The International Association of Doll Artists. 

IADA is proud to present the new IADA Gold logo for our members that really makes our association stand out.  Anyone supporting Authentic products and wishing to join The International Association of Doll Artists, or who wants a member logo upgrade, you may purchase your Gold Members Logo here.  Your name will be put in cue to have your logo made. The approx. time frame for creating your logo is 1 week and then once done it will be emailed to the address provided here (or if we are friends on FB I will deliver it via your messenger.)  Members feel free to display your IADA logo anywhere you wish!  Thank you for supporting Authentic dolls and products! xx


UPDATE 3/12/19: The International Association of Doll Artists is busy making changes to the members logo design to commemorate the third anniversary of IADA. Because of this anyone wishing to purchase a logo will have to be patient until the new ones are ready. For this reason the buy button has been removed for now.  As always, all IADA logos never expire and are considered active as long as you wish to hold it.  If at anytime you want to leave IADA, simply delete your logo.  The fee that I charge for the members logo covers my time spent designing and creating the logo. It covers the license and copyright of my design and that of any elements that I used that I have purchased from other graphic artists.  It covers the personalization and my time spent in putting individuals names on the logos. It covers my time spent doing customer service in giving information about IADA and also of the time it takes to deliver you your logo. Thank you for your interest in IADA. 

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