Krypt Kitty Baby Couture

The Wicked & Sweet Dolls studio is also home of Krypt Kitty Baby Couture. Krypt Kitty is a newer venture and we will be adding items as our schedule allows and slowly expanding the items offered under the Krypt Kitty label. Many of the Wicked & Sweet Dolls like my Zombies, Ghoulies and Heathens that are adopted wear Krypt Kitty Baby Couture home as part of their main outfits.  All Wicked & Sweet Dolls and clothing are made of the finest materials available and are meticulously handcrafted, embellished and sent home with some sass..  Thank you for supporting my dreams!! xoxo

Available designs will be listed here at the bottom.

Krypt Kitty Baby Couture Exclusive Gallery:

Victorian Damask & Skulls Krypt Skirt with Sugar Skull Pendant

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