Dolls by the Wicked & Sweet Dolls artist Tracy Cheyka that are in international museums or special exhibits.

"The world of dolls is a world of dreams, and to live in dreams is a dream..." 

- Muzeum Panenek A Medvidku

The Museum of Dolls & Teddybears | Prague, Czech Republic - Home of my OOAK (Clay sculpt) Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. 

My dream and a goal that I set for myself of one day having one of my dolls in a museum came true on April 30th, 2016, when I participated in the museum's special exhibit called, "Project Princess Charlotte."  There were only three artists in the entire world that were a part of making the dolls for this exhibit, and I am so honored and proud to have been one of them.  The first version was done in platinum silicone, the 2nd in vinyl and mine was done in clay.  A gorgeous ceremony in honor of the real Princess Charlotte was held at the state chateau Castle Sychrov and all versions of the royal little princess were in attendance- along with a popular Czech actress and her daughter.  After the extravagant ceremony at Castle Sychrov, my version of Princess Charlotte remained on a month long exhibit in the castle before being transferred to her permanent exhibit at the Muzeum Panenek.  This is one of the greatest achievements and proudest accomplishments of my professional sculpting career so far.

...Well, it was until unexpectedly I decided to sculpt two rather amazing little unicorns that happen to be the reborn doll industries..and the world's very first unicorn doll kits.  Unknown to me at the time, the museum's director Nad'a was already in the works to do an exhibit on unicorns!  So almost two years to the date this month of my Princess Charlotte going to the museum... I am happy to announce that my unicorns Legend and Lore will be joining their royal sister.  The museum exhibit is called "The Dreamland of Unicorns" an exhibit that depicts the mythical unicorn in different versions of artistic design.  

Come back soon to see more pictures...  I am prepping photographs and a special video of Charlotte in honor of her 2 year anniversary of being at the Dolls Muzeum.  Thank you for spending time here! Dolly Hugs xx

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

OOAK Princess Charlotte & Royal Handmade Baptismal Gown by Tracy Cheyka | Crown & pacifier adorned with over 200 handset genuine Swarovski crystals, also by Tracy Cheyka. | Bracelets by Bellabambini Couture.

State Chateau - Castle Sychrov Exhibit | Czech Republic

Princess Charlotte in the Castle Exhibit

Award of Recognition from The Dolls Muzeum | Presented to Tracy Cheyka

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